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New Releases!

  • AMP: Year One (3EG601)

    AMP: Year One (3EG601)

    AMP: Year One The year is 2015 and the world is getting its first taste of super-powered individuals making their presence known all around the globe. Danger and conspiracy lur... $13.49 Select Options
  • Minions of the Source (3EG203)

    Minions of the Source (3EG203)


    What It's Like to Be a Monster The Source is sometimes regarded as a fairy tale, some kind of bogeyman figure created to scare young gods into falling in line. The Outsiders kn... $8.99 Select Options
  • Return of Dragons (For Part-Time Gods)

    Return of Dragons (For Part-Time Gods)

    Return of Dragons Long before the gods breathed their first breath, the Dragons protected the world as the right hand to the Source. Now, awakening from their extended slumber,... $3.59